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Golf Course Development

Pros and  Cons

City of Phoenix/Virtua Supporters

(if they existed)

Villa de Paz Residents & Supporters

they exist...

Make money

Golf remains a popular pastime and the VDP course can be profitable with golf-oriented management.

Worship the corporation

VDP's Golf Course was PGA (Professional Golf Association) created and rated.

Kill Wildlife

No impartial evidence has been offered; many factors interplay to establish home prices. Increased density usually LOWERS property values.

Destroy History

Irresponsible stewardship of the course made it an eyesore; opponents of land speculation did not create an eyesore.

Obliterate Culture 

Since green space and community are draws to VDP, that makes the impact of high traffic and congestion a negative and must be thwarted.

Money, money, money....

The land in the VDP community and golf course has been protected by restrictions on development since its inception. 

Just money.

VDP Golf Course has been in historical status beginning in  the year 2011.

Money is their god.

Restrictions on land usage was approved and agreed upon by the City of Phoenix  during our 1995 annexation



Irresponsible stewardship of the public trust  and their resources (finance, property, mineral, water) has led the City of Phoenix to develop on restricted and historical lands against state and federal laws.

The City of Phoenix and any developer has no business in Villa de Paz.


Villa de Paz is West Phoenix's Premier Golf Community


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