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July 24, 2018

Investment Company, Virtua Partners, Set to Deface Phoenix Metro Area

Virtua Partners public relations stated that the investment firm purchased the Villa de Paz Golf Course: 118 acres for $1.3 million. At the time, the golf course was operating under the newly formed Villa De Paz Property Holdings, LLC.

So Virtua Partners can do as so many developers have done to residents across the nation: blight the property in hopes of capitulation. 

Villa de Paz's lush, greenery was an oasis for human and animal alike in the blaring heat of the desert southwest.

Virtua bought a little piece of heaven... to turn it into that proverbial parking lot. 

This photo shows what developers do. The sprinklers in the back ground are on because the Villa de Paz residents called and complained about the blighted conditions.

If Virtua Partners has bought land for development in your area, then these degraded conditions are what you have to look forward to.

This example makes Virtua Partners and defacing property synonymous.

Merriam Webster Online states to Deface means:

1 : to mar the appearance of : injure by effacing significant details

  • deface an inscription
2 : impair
3 obsolete : destroy

The City of Phoenix's Infilling and Virtua Partners disfigurement are unwelcome in Villa de Paz.



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