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July 24, 2018

Maryvale Votes NO on Turning Villa de Paz Golf Course Into Housing


Youtube Video Here. 

 When the Villa de Paz neighborhood agreed to be annexed by the City of Phoenix 20 years ago, they mandated stipulations requiring the 18-hole golf course land could only be used as a golf course.

Now Welker Development Resources is trying to get the City of Phoenix to remove these stipulations, so they can build housing on the golf course instead.

Villa de Paz residents have been engaged in a battle with the developer over the last month trying to stop a housing development from being built in the middle of their 40yr old community.

Last night at the Hope Center in Villa de Paz at 6:00pm, the Maryvale Village Planning Commission voted on the proposal to remove the golf course stipulation.

Over 200 residents attended this meeting. Of the 151 people that filled out cards marking if they approved or opposed, 150-1 marked opposed.

The Commission heard presentations from the developer and the opposing neighborhood residents and voted 12-1 OPPOSED to removing the golf course stipulation.

This is a key win for the neighborhood. From here the fight goes to the Planning Hearing Officer next Wednesday at 10:00am and ultimately to City Council on February 5th.

To join this fight go to (residents only) or (everyone).


Originally published November 14, 2013




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