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July 25, 2018

Phoenix City Council Makes Back Room Deals with Developers Against Villa de Paz Residents

Watch how the Villa de Paz Golf Course has been approved for demolition before the private community homeowners have been notified.

Video: Villa de Paz Resident Confronts Golf Course Engineer

Some of the highlights of the video include:

~Developer filed permit to build houses. (When?)
~2008 Continuance to build on the Driving Range. (How is that legal after the Auwatukee Judgment?)
~Quyp Development Company, Anthony Hindricks is the point of contact. (Quyp is a Virtua Partners company.) 

~Greg Sheltty, Civil Engineer, Project Design Consultants

~Bob Murphy, Project Design Consultants

A judgment against developers, a city, and infilling has already been handed out by the judicial system in Auwatukee Lakes Golf Course case, but yet the City of Phoenix persists in breaking the law and trying to skirt the judgment.
The City Council Presentations & Approval admission shows complicity in destroying the Villa de Paz Golf Course with Virtua Partners and the civil engineering firm, Project Design Consultants.
Thanks to this Villa de Paz resident who was curious and asked some questions, the community now knows that the City of Phoenix has never had any intention in following the law, Villa de Paz's annexation stipulations, or residents' wishes.
Appropriate criminal and civil lawsuits are forthcoming.















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