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Restriction on Golf Course Development in Arizona Law, ARS 42-13154

According to Arizona Revised Statue, 42-13154. Covenant not to convert golf course to another use; violation; penalty 
A. As a condition for valuation under this article, the owner of a golf course shall record a deed restriction with the county recorder and file a copy of the restriction with the county assessor, restricting the property to use as a golf course for at least ten years. The deed restriction must be refiled as necessary to ensure that the deed restriction always applies for at least ten years.
B. The valuation of a golf course under this section constitutes a covenant between the county assessor and the owner of the golf course that the use of the property will remain unchanged for the duration of the deed restriction.
C. The assessor shall maintain a record of the value of the property determined under this article and the value of the property if it had not been determined under this article. The assessor shall maintain the record for at least ten years for use in computing the penalty under subsection D if the property is converted to a different use in violation of the covenant.
D. If the property is converted to a different use in violation of the covenant, the assessor shall add to the tax levied against the property on the next tax roll a penalty equal to the difference between the total amount of property taxes that would have been levied on the property for the preceding ten years or the period of time the property was valued under this section, whichever period is shorter, if the property had not been valued under this section and the property taxes that were actually paid for the same period. The penalty due under this subsection shall be paid before completion of the next property tax roll and is enforceable and subject to the same penalties and interest as if the penalty were a tax levied against the property.
FACT: Villa de Paz's Golf Course has  been a historical property since the year 2000. The Golf Course was established in 1960.
FACT: The 2008 Fairway Villas HOA subdivision within Villa De Paz is an unlawful conversion of restricted VDP Golf Course recreational open space of 7.24 acres into 33 HOA parcels, all with color on title in violation of various Arizona laws, PHX Zoning Ordinance G3824, the Villa De Paz Master Plan (PUD) of 1973 and Federal IRS Tax law.















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