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The Infilling Deception


Primary Sources
Earth Summit (Agenda 21)
MegaRegions (Transportation Guide)
The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide
Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook Online
Amercia 2050 (MegaRegion Maps)
Delphi Method  (Facilitator's Manipulation Strategies)
Wildlands Network - Rewilding America
Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 
The Post Sustainability Institute


Secondary Sources
People Powered Movement
Agenda 21 Course
Other Citations
Food Independence/Supplements
Codex Alimentarius
The US Codex Office (USDA)
Codex Alimentarius: the 5-Minute Tour


Villa de Paz is West Phoenix's Premier Golf Community


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The Infilling Deception


Chapter 1 - Political Swamp Creatures

Chapter 2 - Political Terrorism

Chapter 3 - Greed. Corruption, & Lies

Chapter 4 - Erasing YOU

Chapter 5 - Command & Control



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