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July 21, 2018

Villa de Paz Golf Course on the Chopping Block

Virtua Partners bought the Villa de Paz Golf Course and shut it down. The profit-making golf course business has been grabbed by this developer and removed from participating in the market place.

The City of Phoenix with Virtua Partners are in the process of eliminating habitat. First Virtua  halted all watering of the golf course. This led Villa de Paz residents to file complaints about impending fire danger.

Then Virtua Partners removed "dead trees" from  the golf course. The habitat including the trees  was  utilized by  Greatest Conservation Needs and Endangered Species.  

These desperate tactics are done to get around conservation laws like the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Normal acts of business, which the golf course has been closed, mind you, can shield a company from any species' accidental deaths. Unfortunately, illegal and unlawful behaviors are not covered by any judgments created by prior legal challenges.

The City of Phoenix and Virtua Partners can be held responsible for the deaths of protected wildlife and the destruction of habitat that has been encumbered during these past weeks of destruction.

Villa de Paz residents are seeking hold of all involved responsible for this predatory scheme. 



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